We don't need another survey to tell us that queer health care in America is severely lacking. We've experienced it from both sides of the stethoscope.  We're here to make it better. 

How do we plan to do that? Well, we've noticed that the LGBTQIA+ community and the medical community are often at odds, and rarely speak the same language.  We're here to break down barriers between the two worlds to improve medical education on queer health, and to directly support queer folks who are trying to play an active role in their medical care. 

More specifically, we have four goals:


We educate medical professionals and LGBTQIA+ folks about queer health.


We translate complex medical concepts and jargon into accessible language.


We build community through social media and our community space.


We share our lived experiences to normalize and validate others'.

We are Dr. Ky & the Queer Health Guys. We are on a mission to improve LGBTQIA+ health care. 

We're here

We're queer 

We're trans

We're medically-trained

And we're on a mission to improve queer health.